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The Importance of Pet Insurance-- Wrigley's Story!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Wrigley and I am a spunky little puppy that goes to Pilot Knob! I am a Labrador retriever mix and, as you can see, I am adorable. This cute breed has a crazy disposition about wanting to eat EVERYTHING, and, for a lot of puppies, it’s true!

Let’s start from the beginning. I first came to Pilot Knob in December to show off my cuteness and to have my first puppy exam with my new parents. We had a full check-up and I received my vaccines. I was only 12-weeks-old at the time! My technician talked to my parents about something called Trupanion. It is an insurance company that helps with unexpected medical issues. Pilot Knob gave me a certificate for 30 days of coverage. Boy, did that certificate pay off!

About a week after my first appointment I did not feel very well. My tummy hurt and I was vomiting. Mom and Dad brought me in to the clinic right away! Dr. Handley examined me and suspected I had a foreign body. That means I ate something I wasn’t supposed to, and it was stuck in my tummy. (But hey, I’m a puppy! I couldn’t help it!)

That day I went into emergency surgery. You would never guess what they found: a monkey toy! I was wondering where that went! I had been chewing it and it just vanished. Something even more amazing than my toy’s disappearing act happened: Trupanion covered 57.5% of the cost of surgery! They saved my family over $350, all thanks to a free 30 day trial!

I finally got back to my normal puppy self! I am thankful that my family had started Trupanion. They are continuing my coverage in case I get sick in the future. It’s not easy being this cute and spunky, but pet insurance helped me stay this way! If anyone has any questions about Trupanion, tell them to stop by the clinic and tell them “Wiggly” Wrigley sent you!


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