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Buddy's Tick Story

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Buddy is our Technician Tarek’s dog and here is his story!


In the spring of 2011 Buddy was here for his annual Heartworm and tick test. The next day the results came back and Buddy was positive for Anaplasmosis! This was surprising because Buddy has Frontline applied every month, except the colder months of course.   I now know ticks can be present in temperatures above 30 degrees. I guess I should have been applying the Frontline year round as suggested!

  Anaplasmosis is an infection of the blood and is transmitted by the brown dog tick or the deer tick. The deer tick also can transmit Lyme disease so coinfection can be quite common. Thankfully Buddy previously has had his Lyme vaccine and did not transmit that disease as well.

  Buddy did not show any symptoms of Anaplasmosis which can be common in positive dogs. Some common symptoms to watch for would include loss of appetite, lethargy, lameness or bruising or nose bleeds. We continued monitoring Buddy for symptoms and checking his Anaplasmosis status regularly and he is now negative for tick born diseases.


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