How to Use Feliscratch

Feliscratch helps redirect scratching onto the scratching post.

1. Apply slowly onto your cat’s scratching post. Draw 2 or 3 vertical lines.

As a precaution, lay your post over a sink or on newspaper. Apply slowly, drawing 2 or 3 vertical lines.

Wait for 5 minutes to allow Feliscratch to dry before placing the post upright.

Place the post close to the area where your cat scratches or where they sleep (so they can stretch when they wake up).

2. Apply one pipette once daily for the first week.

3. Apply one pipette to scratching post at the beginning of week 3 and 4.

4. For long term scratchers we recommend using with Feliway classic spray (spray area that cat is NOT supposed to scratch with Feliway classic).

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