Welcome to Pilot Knob Animal Hospital!


Pilot Knob Animal Hospital has been in operation since 1987.  We have strived to provide our patients and their families with quality, compassionate service.  Please continue on to meet the smiling faces of our friendly staff!

 Meet Our Clients!

  • Bentley H
    Bentley H
  • Buddy W
    Buddy W
  • Carlos K
    Carlos K
  • Daisy Mae J
    Daisy Mae J
  • Ghost O
    Ghost O
  • Gigi E
    Gigi E
  • Jacy S
    Jacy S
  • Jessie J
    Jessie J
  • Joey A
    Joey A
  • Laci F
    Laci F
  • Lloyd F
    Lloyd F
  • Max G
    Max G
  • Mittens F
    Mittens F
  • Mobi A
    Mobi A
  • Rascal S
    Rascal S
  • Reagan S
    Reagan S
  • Shelby W
    Shelby W
  • Sienna W
    Sienna W
  • Snickers G
    Snickers G
  • Tess T
    Tess T
  • Velvet M
    Velvet M
  • Angus M
    Angus M
  • Buster C
    Buster C
  • Coco L
    Coco L
  • Cooper T
    Cooper T
  • Daisy H
    Daisy H
  • Gigi E
    Gigi E
  • Kenobi A
    Kenobi A
  • Kirky F
    Kirky F
  • Milly J
    Milly J
  • Pheobe G
    Pheobe G
  • Smokey W
    Sketcher G
  • Smokey W
    Smokey W
  • Tino A
    Tino A

Had you visted our clinic before and had your pet's photo taken?  View our wall of pets!



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