Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a growing business and the options can be very confusing.  Though we don’t like to think about it, most of our pets will get sick or hurt at some point in their life.  It can be hard to budget for accidents or illness and treatment can be expensive.

Coverage can vary from plan to plan.  Some term definitions include:

  1. Pre-existing conditions – an illness which first occurred prior to starting coverage. Most insurance plans will not include pre-existing conditions, so start insurance as a puppy or kitten to reduce exclusions.
  2. Congenital conditions – conditions which have a genetic basis (e.g. hip dysplasia)
  3. Elective procedure – no medical basis for procedure (e.g. declaw)
  4. Wellness care – preventative medicine (e.g. vaccines, heartworm testing)

Compare policy features, terms, and conditions to find the right pet insurance policy for you and your pet’s needs.

Monthly premiums will vary depending on what reimbursement and deductible plan you choose and the age and breed of your pet.  Contact the company directly with more questions.