Dental Products:


Toothbrush and C.E.T Toothpaste: Any soft bristle toothbrush will work, but only use specially formulated pet toothpaste.  It is flavored and safe for pets to swallow, and the enzymes help stop plaque from forming.  Ideally you should brush daily, but every other day use can still help prevent tartar formation.

Nolvadent: An oral cleaning solution that contains an antiseptic to kill bacteria and plaque to help maintain your pet’s oral health and fresh breath.  Nolvadent Rinse works well as a rinse or spray for pets that don’t cooperate with tooth brushing.  However, if your pet dooes cooperate, use Nolvadent on a toothbrush or gauze to help remove food particles from teeth and gums.

Vetradent:  Vetradent is a drinking water additive that binds with minerals in saliva to fight tartar.  Vetradent has the VOHC seal and has been proven to slow the development of tartar on the teeth without the use of xylitol.

Royal Canin Dental Diet: This prescription diet reduces the formation of plaque and tartar in 3 different ways.  The kibble has a texture and shape that provides a brushing effect on the teeth.  The food contains an additive that prevents tartar formation and a nutrient to reduce plaque build-up.  For maximum benefit, Royal Canin Dental should be fed as greater than 25% of the diet on a daily basis following a dental cleaning.  Royal Canin Dental provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and cats and provides 325 calories/cup for dogs, 335 calories/cup for small dogs, and 289 calories/cup for cats.

C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews:  This meat-free chew contains an antiseptic that targets organisms and works to help freshen breath, reduce plaque, and decrease tartar formation.  Give your dog one chew daily for maximal benefit.  Each chew contains 119 calories.

Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews:  These bacon-flavor minced rawhide chews provide natural abrasive chewing action but are gentle on gums.  This formula is clinically proven to clean teeth, reduce bacteria, freshen breath, and prevent plaque and tartar build-up by more than 50%.

Oravet Chews:  These chews remove plaque and tartar through chewing action.  The ingredient delmopinol binds to the enamel to form a barrier on the teeth to protect against further plaque formation. Oravet is also vanilla flavored and kills odor-causing bacteria.

C.E.T. Cat Chews:  These chews are made from freeze-dried fish and have a dual-enzyme system, natural antiseptic, and an abrasive texture to reduce plaque and loosen tartar.  Give your cat 1 chew daily for maximal benefit.  Each chew contains 16 calories.


Flea & Tick Preventative:

Frontline Gold: We recommend applying Frontline Gold for the prevention of fleas and ticks once each month at minimum from March 1st thru November 1st.   We have found that tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease are prevalent in Eagan and ticks are active at temperatures as low as 30 degrees!  Appropriate seasonal protection is vital to preventing these diseases in your pet.  We are happy to offer buy 3 tubes get 1 free and buy 6 tubes get 2 free. Frontline products are backed by their guarantee when purchased through a veterinarian.

Nexgard:  Monthly tick prevention in a tasty chew!  We recommend giving Nexgard once each month at minimum from March 1st thru November 1st.   We have found that tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease are prevalent in Eagan and ticks are active at temperatures as low as 30 degrees!  Appropriate seasonal protection is vital to preventing these diseases in your pet.  Nexgard is available through prescription only.

Tick Lasso:   An effective and easy tool used to remove the entire tick from your pet.



Heartworm Preventative:

Heartgard: Available through prescription only.  All pets must have had a full exam and a negative heartworm test within the last 12 months.  Heartgard is a chew given once each month to prevent heartworm diease and an array of intestinal parasites.  With this palatable chew protecting your dog has never been easier!



Diet Options:

Royal Canin Prescription Diets: We carry the Royal Canin line of Prescription diets. Click here for information on the formulas we carry and sizes available.

Hypoallergenic Treats—We offer Science Diet hypoallergenic treats.  They are a great crunchy treat option for dogs fed the hypoallergenic diet!



Skin & Grooming Products:

Medicated shampoos: We offer various numerous medicated shampoos to treat various skin conditions. Call us for an exam if you have concerns about your pet’s skin!

Medicated Wipes: TrizCHLOR4 medicated wipes are antimicrobal wipes formulated for dogs and cats.

Ear cleansers: We currently offer two types of ear cleansers.

We offer standard ear cleansers for routine cleaning of waxy debris. These cleansers contain drying agents to help keep moisture from building in your pet’s ears and causing an infection. It’s great to use for routine grooming and after taking your dog swimming.

TrizUltra is our stronger of the two cleansers meant for ears with a history of infections. TrizUltra also has a drying agent to help keep moisture from building in the ears. It also has antimicrobal and antifungal elements to help fight off mild infections and debris.


Miscellaneous Products:

Pill Pockets: We offer various flavors of pill pockets for both dogs and cats.   Pill pockets are soft treats with a built-in pouch that easily hides pills. For pets that are new to taking pill pockets (especially cats!), start by breaking an empty pocket into pieces and offering an empty piece or two followed by the pill pocket containing the medication. By this time, most animals are enjoying their treat too much to notice the pill! Also, be sure to avoid touching the pill and then touching the outside of the pocket. Pills can smell quite bitter and deter picky eaters!

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil: Nordic Naturals fish oils support skin & coat health, joint health, heart & kidney health, as well as brain, eye, and immune system health. Nordic Naturals oils are distilled for purity, without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. Every batch of oil is third-party tested to guarantee purity, freshness, and quality. For more information, visit their online brochure here.

Feliway:  Feliway disperses a synhetic form of the feline facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory.  This pheromone helps produce a familiar and secure environment for your cat.  As a result, Feliway can be used to comfort and reassure cats in stressful situations.  We offer the feliway spray and electric diffuser.


Lysine supplements:  Feline immune support in a tasty chew or paste!


Laxatone:  A palatable lubricant for the elimination and prevention of hairballs.


Bio- Power Multipurpose Cleaner: Enzymes break down organic debris including urine, food stains, vomit and blood stains.


Enrichment Products:

Veterinary Exclusive Kongs: Perfect way to treat your dog to a fun snack, bouncy fetch game, or a playful dinner!  Stuff with your dog’s favorite meals!

Charlee Bear Treats: Bite-sized, low-calorie treats that are perfect for training!

Fun Kitty Egg-Cercizer: Slow down your cat’s eating with this fun toy!  Wobbly movement engages your cat in playtime to encourage weightloss.  Toy’s difficulty level is adjustable.

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom: Slow down your dog’s eating with the Magic Mushroom!  Toy randomly dispenses treats as your dog rolls, tips, and flips the toy.  Openings are adjustable to allow various sized kibble or treats and to increase difficulty level.




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