Transporting your Cat

How to Travel with your Cat– Stress-Free!

Some cats do not get necessary medical care because they are difficult to catch and put into a carrier.  Getting your cat used to the carrier will save you time and stress in the future.  Being able to transport your cat to the office will allow us to help provide your cat with the life-long care that it needs.

Start with a carrier that has an easy-to-remove top (e.g. latches vs. screws) or a pull-out bottom (e.g. Calm Carrier by Vaness).  Most cats are reluctant to come out of the kennel at the clinic and are more comfortable for the examination without being lifted or moved.  An easy-to-remove top allows your cat to stay in the kennel bottom once the top has been removed.

How to train your cat:

  1. Keep the carrier out in the open.
  2. Train your cat to treat the carrier as a haven.
    1. Feed your cat in front of the carrier.
    2. Gradually move the food bowl inside the carrier. Progressively move the food further into the carrier.
    3. Hide treats and toys in the carrier for your cat to seek out.
    4. Once your cat is comfortable entering the carrier, close the door while it eats.
  3. Transport in the “haven” carrier.
    1. Secure the carrier with a seat belt.
    2. Hide treats inside or hand-feed treats during the ride.
    3. Reduce stress with Feliway® wipes or spray 30 minutes ahead of time.

But my cat needs to go to the Vet NOW!

If your cat is sick, there may not be time to train it to walk into the carrier. However, there are still ways to reduce stress on both of you:

  1. Put your cat and the carrier into a room without hiding spaces. Slowly encourage your cat into the carrier with treats or toys.
  2. Your cat may walk into the carrier more easily if you put the carrier on a raised surface (e.g. table). Hang the door end slightly over the edge of the surface. See if your cat will enter the carrier from your arms.
  3. If your carrier opens on top, gently cradle the cat in a towel and lower it in. Otherwise, remove the top of the carrier and do the same.
  4. If your carrier does not open on top and the other suggestions are not working, first place your cat gently into a pillowcase. Then you can place the pillowcase inside the carrier without your cat wiggling or scratching. Your cat may stay in the pillow case, so make sure your cat can breathe easily.
  5. Reduce stress with Feliway® wipes or spray 30 minutes ahead of time.


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