Feline Neuter


*       Your pet may be drowsy after anesthesia today. Limit his access to stairs and furniture. For the first evening, give limited quantities of water and feed only a small meal (about ¼ of normal size) as anesthesia can cause nausea and vomiting.

*       Strict indoor confinement is required for 5 days. Discourage running, jumping, or rough play.

*       Keep the incision clean and dry (i.e. no baths) for 7 days. Monitor for licking or chewing at the incision. A plastic restraint collar (E-collar) can be obtained from the clinic if your pet is licking or chewing the incision.

Concerns – Signs to Watch For:

*       Redness, heat, swelling, or discharge from the incision. Mild bruising and swelling up to ¼” are normal.

*       Vomiting, lethargy, & appetite loss.

*       Licking or chewing at the incision.


*       There are no sutures to remove.

*       If you have any concerns about the incision, please call for an appointment.


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