Congratulations to our January Star Patient Winner, Rojo C!

“Rojo is a sweet tempered 7 year old vizsla with lots of energy.  He loves everybody and everything!  Rojo is a serious hiking dog who has traversed over 3000 trail miles.  His latest accomplishment was a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail (2200 miles from Georgia to Maine) in 2019.  The trail was his home for 6 months where he carried his own food and slept in a tent most nights.  Weekly visits to town for resupply offered the luxury of beds in hostels and hotels.  Rojo has hiked 100+ mountains, through miles and miles of woods and has traveled through storms, cold, heat and sun.  What a fantastic hiking buddy!

Rojo’s favorite new toy is our 9 month old Yorkshire terrier puppy.  It is fun to watch the 60 lb dog play so gently with the 5 lb yorkie!  When he is not hiking or running with Dad, Rojo can be a lovable couch potato.”

Congratulations Rojo for being our Star Patient Winner! He is now entered into our annual drawing for a $50 credit on his account.