Ball Pit

Place plastic balls in a kiddie pool or your bathtub. You can find plastic playpen balls for children at toy stores or amazon. Kitties love batting them around and chasing them.

Box Jumping

This game combines your cat’s natural love of boxes, food, and jumping! Line up a row of boxes. Let your kitty smell a favorite treat, then toss it into the box to start the game. Once they jump into the box and eat it, toss another treat into a different box. Start off easy with few boxes, close together. Make sure your cat sees you throw the treat.

Kitty Whack-a-Mouse

Cut holes out of the top of a large cardboard box. Glue a catnip mouse to a wand and manipulate it so your kitty can whack the mouse through the holes!

Find the Treat

Cut paper towel tubes to various heights. Fill a sturdy box with the tubes so that the tube openings are facing up. Place treats in the tubes and let your cat fish them out with their paws.

Simple Chase!

Crumple aluminum foil into a tight ball. Make sure it’s big enough that your cat can’t swallow it. Roll it across the floor and watch your cat bat it around!

Give a Recycled Water Bottle a new life!

Place various bright knick-knacks in an empty water bottle. Try paperclips, buttons, anything eye-catching! Glue the cap on the bottle. Many cats will enjoy knocking them over and batting them around!

*All toys should be supervised while in use. Immediately dispose of any damaged toys.

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