Congratulations to our March winner Russell W!

“Russell Whiskerson, or “Big Russ” as his friends call him, came to us from a life on the streets via Last Hope about eight years ago.  We think he’s probably of the Snowshoe, or Silver Laces, variety but that’s just a guess.  No matter his background, Big Russ is a wonderful friend, a true pal.  Although generally an amicable fellow, Russ has never been one to mince words or hide his feelings when things aren’t up to his demanding standards.  We learned the hard way through lacerations and piercings (yes, he actually bit through my ear once when I refused to put him down) that when Russ gives you “that look,” it’s best to just concede the point and move along.

Big Russ has a number of varied interests to occupy his time.  When not napping or horsing around with his new little brother, Ollie (another stray), he busies himself opening drawers to rifle the contents and abscond with whatever suits his interest.  Russ is also an avid bird watcher.  When feeling a bit more mellow, Russ enjoys hanging around and quietly judging people.”

Congratulations Russell for being our Star Patient winner. He is now entered into our annual drawing for $50!